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August 24, 2016



The Driftwood Story – Bringing the Seaside Inside!

Never heard of driftwood art?

Driftwood is floating wood which has wound up on the shore due to the actions of the elements.  Many people associate driftwood particularly with the ocean, but driftwood can also be found near lakes and rivers.  Since the wood can float for an extended period of time, it is often bleached by the sun.  Driftwood is often used in art pieces and to make structures ranging from sculptures to fences, depending on the sort of driftwood involved.

The Artist, Rebecca Bright, makes many different kinds of signs including custom made designs like house signs, along with other beautiful artwork. All this can be viewed in the Driftwood Gallery, the Other Fancy Stuff Gallery and purchased in the Shop

New items are added to the Shop all the time, including the odd one-off piece, so please feel free to have a browse around.

If you would like anything customised with your own ideas, please use the Contact Form.


Thanks for looking and maybe I’ll see you on the beach!”

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